BiotopArt Bucharest 2017 I Contemporary Art Exhibition & Urban Area

“BiotopArt Bucharest” is a pioneering initiative in Romania, involving contemporary visual arts to support biodiversity preservation and environmental education in the natural urban area Vacaresti Natural Park.

The collaborative experimental project consist in drawings, sketches, prototypes and their implementation created by 8 prestigious ceramists and sculptors, assisted by a biologist. The visual artists will produced new art objects integrating both the necessity of improving the conditions of feeding and breeding for certain species of insects, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and the aesthetic principles to integrate some works of art in the natural environment.

The artists will work with natural materials (clay, water, wood). Their works will be shaped into ceramic and wooden ”insects hotels’’, artificial nests, feeding devices for the bird species which are sedentary in this area over the wintry periods, hibernacula or overnight hosting areas and reed islets or sunbathing/sunning areas.

Ceramists:  Georgiana Cozma, Oana Florică, Vlad Basarab, Iulian Vîrtopeanu, 
Sculptors: Lucian Țăran, Dumitru Ioan Cozma, Dragoș Manea, Mihai Gabriel Cosma
Biologist: Vlad Cioflec
Special guest: Speleologist Cristian Lascu
Video Artist: Ioana Bodale
Photographer: Adrian Bulboacă
Photographer: Andrei Costache
Multimedia: Andrei Stoian
Music: Francesco Agnello I Hang Solo – Album HANG I
Text critic: Crina Cranta
Graphic designer: Lavinia Vereș
Curator/ Project manager: Rodica Buzoianu

BiotopArt Bucharest is a cultural project produced by UMA ED ROMANIA Association in partnership with Văcărești Natural Park Association, co-funded by The Bucharest Municipality through – ARCUB – in the frame of the Cultural Program „Bucharest Participatory City”.

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